OmeChat is a chatroulette video chat alternative allows you to meet random strangers. That’s why OmeChat ChatRoulette is attracting more and more users. Communication in OmeChat is a game spell full of pleasure and excitement since you do not know who you will be connected with the next second.

OmeChat best Omegle Alternative

Communicate with a stranger via a webcam. Here you can meet people from your country who will raise your spirits and can become your friends. At any time you can stop your communication and find another person to talk to.

Random Webcam Chat

Chat Webcam is a real night with people from all over the world that you can see and hear. Start your video broadcast and receive positive energy, gifts and lots of fans.

How it works

  • Find people with similar interests, join interest groups or create a chat room for private chat with your friends. You can protect your living room with a password.
  • Create your own chat room and invite your friends!
  • Create a chat room
  • Click on the button “Create a chat room” or enter your alphanumeric code of your living room
  • Copy and share the link of the chat room
  • Copy the link into the address bar of your browser or click on the “Copy link” button and send the URL to your friend
  • Wait for the other person to contact you
  • When a new user logs into your chat room, you can start a conversation

Omechat is a special website that allows you to access the most popular video chats anytime and anywhere in the world. Here you can find new friends, meet new people from different countries. It does not matter which country you are: United States, Russia, Venezuela, China or India, you will find here a local cat in your country and in your mother tongue!

Secure Chat

Security and privacy are very important to us and our users. That’s why most of our anonymous video chats are free and without registration!

All your messages and video calls are encrypted with the 256-bit SSL protocol. In most cases, the video stream and messages are passed from one user to the other without going through the server


The ability to communicate without registration and without form filling will help you maintain your anonymity in the chat. That’s why most of our conversations are anonymous

All in one chat site

Omechat gives you the maximum opportunity to search for people online for dating and to party with friends on the web.


Omegle is a very popular site for video communication, it is a good alternative to the popular Chatroulette. You may be asking: “Still an alternative?” But this site does not look like other chat chat clones, although the principle of choosing a random interlocutor is here. This is one of the first cats of this kind. This video chat already had its audience before the appearance of dating services via webcam. First, people were chatting in a random text chat. After a while, it became possible to use video cameras and a microphone. And that brought Omegle even more popularity.

Using Omegle chat alternative: what you need to know before you start

Since there is a slightly different interface, as well as the ability to customize the search for interlocutors by interest. In addition, you can specify the language in which you want to communicate. Omegle does not require registration of its users. Its popularity is evidenced by the online visitor counter, which has quite high rates (around 40,000 online users).

As you can see, the service is popular, original and has useful features. Let’s try to summarize what is available for you in this online video chat:

  • Random textual online chat.
  • Random video chat.
  • Possibility of connection to facebook.
  • Possibility to search interlocutors by interest.
  • Toggle button with action confirmation.
  • Omegle for iPad, iPhone, iPod on iTunes App Store.
  • Omegle for Android on Google Play.

Omegle online chat alternative

This site will be interesting for different people: for those who do not have a web cam and for those who have already had the time to buy it. But it is true that in Omegle video chat there are many people who speak bad English, not to mention Russian. We suggest you do not rush to pass your contact information to strangers, because anything can happen.

After you have discussed this site, you will find that online Omegle chat is very popular among people from India, Indonesia and the Philippines. Often, people from Turkey and countries from Africa are also there.

Omegle Video Chat

The video chat, as we have already mentioned above, enjoys wide popularity, but this service lacks a lot of features. In particular, the button to change the contact is not very practical, because you have to press twice this button (ie specify “Do you really want to disconnect from your partner?”).

Omegle chat is a video chat that allows you to find absolutely random people to chat with them via webcam. The communication in this video chat is so simple that you will understand how it works in the first seconds of its use. It is not a coincidence that Omegle chat is so popular. Thousands of people have already had the opportunity to enjoy the user-friendliness of this video chat. And we hope you enjoy it too.

To start a conversation in Omegle chat video chat, you need to make sure your webcam and microphone are connected. The microphone connection is not mandatory, because many people prefer textual matching, however we strongly recommend that you use a webcam. To start a video chat, click on the corresponding button and you will immediately see those that the algorithm of this chatroulette will select for you. You will meet people with different interests, who are of different nationalities, some will look boring, others – on the contrary – will be in a good mood. If you do not like your chosen interlocutor, do not hesitate to move on to the next one. That’s exactly how the Omegle chat video chat works in France.

Why is OmeChat is the most popular Omegle like video chat?

Despite a wide variety of online communication services, Omegle video chat has become very popular in many countries. Different language versions of this video chat are now available, but the most popular is the French version, since its initial interface was made in French. As a result, Omegle video chat was most popular in French-speaking countries (France, Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, Algeria and other African countries). French is a very popular language all over the world and it is one of the alternative languages ​​of international communication. French is also considered to be the language of love. Therefore, this online dating service is the best place to practice this foreign language.

In addition, this video chat has taken into account the wishes of its visitors, especially those who seek new knowledge. The algorithm for this service includes geographic targeting, which means that the algorithm will select users closest to you. It is very convenient if you like your interlocutor and you are ready to meet him.

Omegle like video chat

You all know the site In the past, it had a nice and user-friendly interface. Currently this is no longer the case, because the registration and some restrictions prevent the simplicity that you can find here. Many visitors to the site are looking for Omegle video chat alternative, this request is popular because of the great similarity between these two search services random interlocutors. For this reason, OmeChat video chat is often used as an analogue for Omegle.